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Local Steals and Deals: End of summer wellbeing with TheraICE, Gloves in a Bottle and Calming Heat

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8 September, 2022

Local Steals & Deals: End of summer wellbeing with TheraICE, Gloves in a Bottle and Calming Heat Neck Wrap.

Local Steals & Deals is your one-stop shop for real deals and real exclusives on amazing brands. Check out our hosts below sharing some of our best sellers. Available for a limited time only–while supplies last!

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Simple ways to upgrade your wellness routine with TheraICE, Gloves in a Bottle and Calming Heat Neck Wrap.

The kids are back to school and now’s the time to take care of yourself! If you suffer from headaches, skin irritations, or neck aches, we’ve got products that will make a difference in your everyday life. TheraICE, Gloves in a Bottle, and Calming Heat Neck Wrap will help you heal and feel your best.

TheraICE Rx Headache & Migraine Relief Cap

Deal: $22.99

Retail: $34.95

(While supplies last)


If you’ve ever had a bad headache or migraine, you know the importance of finding relief fast. TheraICE Migraine Relief Cap is the secret to pain relief and recovery. Using hot or cold compression therapy, it provides natural relief so you can go back to doing what you love. The compact design works on all types of headaches and fits all head sizes. We’ve got a great deal at 34% off!

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Gloves in a Bottle

Deal: $17.99-$18.99

Retail: $26.95-$28.95

(While supplies last)


We’re washing our hands more frequently these days which can lead to dry, irritated skin. Gloves in a Bottle is more than just a hand cream. It’s got natural moisturizing qualities that will leave your skin soft and supple—unlike conventional moisturizers. It’s loved by nurses, construction workers, parents, and anyone who washes their hands often. Shop deals on 2-packs of regular or SPF lotion combinations at up to 34% off.

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Calming Heat Neck Wrap

Deal: $29.99

Retail: $39.99

(While supplies last)


No matter where you’re working these days, it’s likely that you’ve got stress, which leads to tension in your neck. Calming Heat Neck Wrap can ease your pain comfortably. With soothing heat and relaxing vibrations, it targets the specific pressure points to have you feeling your best. Grab our deal at 25% off!

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