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Local Steals & Deals: Take time for yourself with Calming Heat, Kalorik HUVI, and Gloves in a Bottle

Take time for yourself with Calming Heat, Kalorik HUVI, & Gloves in a Bottle
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22 December, 2022

Take time for yourself with Calming Heat, Kalorik HUVI, and Gloves in a Bottle

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It’s time for you!

The holidays are exciting, and you’re busy shopping, cooking, and cleaning. With endless parties and celebrations, you’re sure to get overwhelmed. It’s essential to carve out some time to fend off holiday stress. We’ve got deals on unique products like Calming Heat, Kalorik HUVI, and Gloves in a Bottle that will help you take care of yourself and enjoy this time even more.

Calming Heat 6 Setting6 Setting Weighted Massaging Heating Pad

Deal: 47.99

Retail: $59.99-$69.99

(While supplies last)

Special Offer

There are so many things to do during the holidays, which can lead to stress. Calming Heat is perfect after a long day when you’ve got aches and pains. It’s a weighted massing heating pad that combines the benefits of weighted pressure with the soothing relief of a heating pad. Grab a deal on a Deluxe or Jade Stone pad, and feel better fast!

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Kalorik HUVI Robot Vacuum R1

Deal: 279.99

Retail: 399.99

(While supplies last)


When you're hosting holiday parties, it's stressful getting ready. This smart robot vacuum will help get your house prepared. Kalorik HUVI cleans your home's floors and air so that you can focus on other tasks. It even has a soothing aroma diffuser that allows you to mist your home with a gentle fragrance as it cleans. Grab this deal and make cleaning simple!

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Gloves in a Bottle

Deal: $17.99-$18.99

Retail: $26.95-$28.95

(While supplies last)


The cleaning you've been doing during the holidays can leave your hands raw. Gloves in a Bottle helps skin to retain its natural moisture and feel good. No wonder it's a much-loved lotion for nurses and people who work with their hands. We've got deals on packs of regular lotion and SPF combo packs. Shop now!

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