WATCH: #LittleExperts from Charlotte become Internet sensation

WATCH: #LittleExperts from Charlotte become Internet sensation

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Three young Charlotteans are in the spotlight after weighing in on who they think should have won one of college football's most prestigious awards.

Youngsters Brody, Nahla and Paxton -- better known to the Internet world as the #LittleExperts -- were polled by ESPNU college football analyst Tom Luginbill as to who would win the Maxwell Award.


Responding to Luginbill's questions, the three Charlotte natives' hot sports takes -- such as "He's a doggy!" "I don't like the Badgers!" and "I like the USA." -- have spread across the Internet.

The video -- which was shot at ESPNU in Ballantyne -- has been republished on sites such as E! Online, Sports Illustrated, Time, and USA Today.

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