On and off field: The 2 sides of Luke Kuechly

Off the field Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly is known for being one of the nicest guys on the team.
He talks a lot about his mom.

But when he steps back on the gridiron, that's when his teammates say Clark Kent steps into the phone booth and he changes into the league's leading tackler.

“It's so funny, it's like the Superman/Clark Kent thing,” said Panthers safety Roman Harper.
“I don't know what goes on out there half the time, I'm just trying to do my job and whatever happens, happens,” Kuechly said.

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What happens is Kuechly goes from being Mr. Nice Guy to a superhero flying around making plays while talking a little trash after he helps pick you up off the ground too, his teammates say.
“I couldn't tell you half the stuff I say out there,” Kuechly said.
“When he's on the field I don't think there's anything polite about him,” said Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis.
“I did hear him say he told a lineman one time, 'You're going to get a minus on that play,'” Harper said. “Although Kuechly is more of a quiet kind of guy, his play on the field speaks volumes.”
“It's just amazing to play beside somebody like that, to see him go into the zone and when he's in the zone how much of an impact he can really affect the game,” Harper said. “The guy can literally take over a game from the middle linebacker position.”
“You get in the game and you start getting competitive, that's just kind of how it goes,” Kuechly said. “I want to win. All the guys on the team want to win, everybody on the team wants to win. The guys on the other team want to win so, I think it just brings out the competitive nature out of everyone.”

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