Gaston County Mental Health Resources

CaroMont Behavioral Health provides comprehensive treatment to patients dealing with a mental health disorder that is interfering with their quality of life. The psychiatric unit is a therapeutic community where patients work with the staff to address the problems that led to admission. During the stay, patients are assigned to an interdisciplinary treatment team to create an individualized plan of care. Some of the services provided by the treatment team include Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Individual therapy and Group therapy. Common topics that are covered in therapy include Coping Skills, Anger Management, Peer Pressure, Stress Management and Medication Management.

  • Contact: 704-865-3848

Support Incorporated promotes emotional health including individual, group, and family therapy as well as crisis intervention. Our therapists provide therapeutic counseling in dealing with emotional and behavioral problems including anger management, bullying behaviors, abuse or neglect, depression and anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, and more.

  • Contact: 704-865-3525

Gaston Adolescent Center provides services to children and adolescents that have significant emotional and behavioral difficulties.

  • Contact: 704-691-7561

Partners Behavioral Health Management provides access to a team of professionals who can provide treatment in a home, office, or community setting. They offer a comprehensive clinical assessment, crisis evaluations and observations, facility-based crisis treatment for mental health or substance use issues, and also use a mobile crisis team.

  • Contact: 1-888-235-HOPE (4673)

New Hope Psychiatric Services of the Carolinas provides services to help treat addiction, axiety disorders, depression, developmental disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, and more.

  • Contact: 704-810-7418

New Hope Counseling and Wellness LLC provides therapy tailored to each individual’s needs. We combine traditional therapy with a practical, problem-solving approach that creates an efficient path for change and problem resolution.

  • Contact: 704-208-1865

Healing and Hope Counseling Center offers therapeutic services for depression and anxiety, anger management, victims of abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, marriage and premarital counseling, and more.

  • Contact: 704-865-8722

Outreach Management Services specializes in services to children, adults, and families who have mental health and/or substance needs delivered within the context of the individual’s home and community.

  • Contact: 704-854-9828

The Groves Counseling Center offers counseling opportunities for post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual addiction, trauma, marriage, child and adolescent care, and caregiver burnout.

  • Contact: 980-522-8247

Patterson Psych Group provides a variety of servies to help treat anxiety and panic disorders, depression and other mood disorders, trauma and post traumatic stress disorder, anger management, confidence and low self-esteem issues, and more.

  • Contact: 704-869-2047

Beaty Recovery Services provides mental health assessments , individual counseling, family counseling, multiple family group counseling, alcohol/drug assessments, substance abuse and addiction counseling for adults and adolescents.

  • Contact: 704-864-3900

Sunpath is comprised of mental health and substance abuse services, based in the community. The consumer is provided with the necessary support through a team approach to assist adults in achieving rehabilitation and recovery goals. It is aimed at people with mental illness, substance abuse, or both, who have complex and extensive treatment needs. This is an intensive community-based rehabilitation service that offers direct treatment and restoration interventions, as well as case management.

  • Contact: 704-478-6093

RHA Health Services is a multi-state company providing a comprehensive network of support services for people with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities and those with behavioral health needs or substance use challenges.  Our services are person-centered, outcome-driven and tailored to reflect our commitment to community inclusion, holistic, wrap-around support, and the integrated care model.  We serve both children and adults and support every level of need.

  • Contact: 704-864-3450

Center for Emotional Health provides access to clinicians who specialize in treating mental health disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, veteran mental health care, drug and alcohol treatment, and more.

  • Contact: 704-237-4240

Phoenix Counseling Center offers services for both adults and children and adolescents. The counseling center provides access to individual, family, or group therapy, sexual assault services, substance use and mental health assessments, and more.

  • Contact: 704-842-6359

CTS Health provides different services and programs to meet the needs of those struggling with mental illness, rehabilitation for behavioral health, substance abuse, sexual trauma, and community support.

  • Contact: 704-864-1477

Monarch (Gaston, Cleveland, Lincoln, Stanly, Mecklenburg) is a behavioral health service that covers mental health services and substance use disorders. Mental health services cover anxiety disorders, depression and a variety of other mental illnesses. Crisis Services, Enhanced Services, Outpatient Services, Peer Support Specialist Certification Training, Residential Options, Stanly Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic

  • Contact: 866-272-7826

Kintegra Behavioral Health If you or someone you love is having any of the following problems, please talk with your Behavioral Health Team Member today: Academics, Alcohol Use, Anxiety, Attention Behavior, Depression, Development, Diet, Energy Level, Memory, Mood, Pain, Relationships, Sleep, Stress, Substance Use, Tobacco Use, Weight, Problems managing Cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension

  • Contact: 704-874-9005

Primary Health Choice Our goal is to design and implement psychological-based strategies for consumers and develop professional, therapeutic working relationships within the home, school and community arenas.

  • Contact: 704-691-7189