• Get a car tune up in Charlotte today!


    When’s the last time you brought your vehicle in for routine car maintenance in Charlotte? It’s important to get regular car service addressed so that your vehicle remains in tip top shape at all times! 

    Some forms of regular car maintenance are pretty self-explanatory. For instance, most drivers know that their vehicle needs to get an oil change in Charlotte, and this kind of fluid maintenance should take place regularly and not just every once in a while. However, after some time it’s common for cars to need some extra care. This is when a car tune up comes in handy! 

    Get your car serviced at Toyota of N Charlotte!

    Our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte is equipped with some of the latest hi-tech and state of the art equipment. We also service vehicles of every make and model, so it doesn’t matter if you purchased your vehicle with us or not! What does matter is making sure it gets the regular care that it needs. 

    Sometimes routine car maintenance isn’t enough, though. A vehicle has undergone so much wear and tear that it needs a car tune up in Charlotte to get back to running in prime condition! A lot of different types of car maintenance are involved in a tune up. Most often, the kind of routine maintenance a car tune up gives involves replacing parts and making a lot of adjustments. This includes: 

    • Replacing spark plugs
    • Swapping out the old fuel filter with a new one
    • Changing the air filter
    • Adjusting valves
    • Inspecting internal parts like hoses, belts, and caps
    • Fluid changes 

    Does your vehicle need a car tune up? 

    How can you tell if your vehicle needs this kind of car maintenance in Charlotte? There are a few warning signs that can let you know! 

    How’s the fuel economy? 

    If the fuel efficiency of your vehicle is starting to go down, then this could be sign that the fuel filter is clogged or dirty and needs to replaced. Then again, if the spark plugs could be at fault! this is why getting these types of car maintenance taken care of is important; more than one part of the vehicle could be malfunctioning, but a car tune up will get everything back in working order in no time. 

    Is the car stalling? 

    Another warning sign that not everything is as it should be is if the vehicle stalls often, or has trouble starting. Sometimes this can be as straightforward and simple as a battery replacement. Other times more intricate parts may need to be replaced. That’s why bringing your car in for a tune up is so important!

    Think it’s time for your ride to get this kind of TLC? We’re here to help! Call our Service Department at (888) 378-1214 to set up an appointment and get your car the TLC it needs. You can also swing by and visit us in person to speak with any one of our Service team members today! Just visit us at 13429 Statesville Rd; we’re found off I-77 in Huntersville! 


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