• Delve into the rich history of the Toyota Motor Company!


    If you’re familiar with our new Toyota options, you know how well revered these vehicles are! Our new Toyota near Charlotte options are known for giving drivers a quality ride, as well as for being some of the very best vehicles out on the market! With more than 75 years of experience under its belt, this company continues to thrive! Take a look at how our new Toyota in N Charlotte have gotten to where they are by taking a step back in time with the Toyota Motor Company!

    Take a look back at the beginning of Toyota

    Toyota has humble beginnings, as it started in a garage. Kiichiro Toyoda and his father began experimenting with auto engines in the 1930s right in their own home. This duo eventually created a new engine, which led to the creation of the Toyota Motor Company in 1937! 

    For the first few years, the company solely made N Charlotte Toyota options for the Japanese military. Little by little, new Toyota were being sold all over the world, even making their way to the United States in 1957! At their arrival, the Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. was born!

    Toyota makes waves in the good ol’ USA!

    Once Toyota arrived in the United States, consumers quickly got to meet the N Charlotte Toyota Land Cruiser, as well as the Toyopet Crown! From then on, drivers got even more new Toyota available to them as the years went by! Here are some of the highlights of the Toyota history:

    • The Toyopet Crown was discontinued in 1961, which increased sales of the Toyota Land Cruiser near Charlotte. This Toyota SUV help the company gain its footing here in America.
    • The Toyota Corona made its debut in 1966! By 1968, Toyota became the third best-selling in the United States! The new Toyota Corolla near Charlotte was introduced the same year and it quickly caught drivers’ attention. Did you know that this new Toyota is now the best-selling car in the entire WORLD? It seems as if our Toyota options keep getting better and better!
    • 1972 was a big year for Toyota Motor Company—this is the year that marked the one millionth sale by Toyota. Three years later, Toyota beat out its competitors to become the best-selling import brand in America.
    • The brand continued to expand when it added the popular N Charlotte Toyota Camry to the lineup! This Toyota option became America’s best-selling car and still holds this honor to this day! 
    • Toyota introduced the king of the hybrid cars—the Toyota Prius near Charlotte—in the early 2000s. This Toyota hybrid has paved the way for all hybrid cars!

    As you can see, the Toyota brand is all about innovation and leading the rest of the automotive market. The Toyota brand has a rich past and a bright future ahead!
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