Take advantage of our N Charlotte Toyota fender-bender tips!

Take advantage of our N Charlotte Toyota fender-bender tips!
Have you recently been involved in a car accident? Besides having to deal with the car insurance for your new Toyota in N Charlotte, you also need to worry about getting your car actually fixed! When it comes to routine car care and other types of auto service in N Charlotte, most drivers already know that they can count on coming to our Toyota Service Center to get everything taken care of. Did you know that routine maintenance and providing affordable transportation aren’t the only ways we can help out, though? 

Get your new Toyota back in shape! 

Did you know that we have a Toyota Collision Center at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership? This means that if you’re looking for an auto body shop in the area that you know you can trust, then you can feel free to contact us to get your car taken care of! Some of the auto repairs we offer include (but aren’t limited to): 
  • Window tint
  • Paint jobs
  • Detailing service
  • Restoring windshield cracks
  • Wheel well repairs
  • restoring headlights
  • Pinstriping
  • Paintless dent repair

Take care of your N Charlotte Toyota’s repairs today!

No matter what kind of service you opt to receive, or that your new Toyota needs, it's important to make sure you're getting the best care and that your car looks as good as new when it leaves. Whether you decide to bring your new Toyota to our Toyota Collision Center, or decide to go somewhere else, it's important to check a few details once your car comes out of the shop to make sure everything is in order!

Choose the body shop

Did you know that you can actually choose who does the work on your car? Many insurance companies can tell you which auto body shops they work with, but at the end of the day it's your choice on where to go. Feel free to brose around to check out the collision centers before making your decision!

Avoid aftermarket parts

If you have any questions about the repairs on your vehicle, don't be afraid to speak up. Depending on which body shop you go to, it's possible that they are using used or aftermarket parts. The danger in this is aftermarket parts often corrode or rattle, which can diminish your car's value. Be sure to ask about the replacement parts that are being used on your new Toyota! 

Check the paint

It can be easy to be so excited about your newly-restored ride that you hop behind the wheel without taking a close look at the outside. Before taking your  new Toyota in N Charlotte back out on the road, do a quick paint check to make sure the fixed areas match the un-touched areas. Simply step back ten feet from the car to see if there are any noticeable differences in the color! 

Need to make an appointment with an auto body shop, or want to learn more about what we have to offer? No problem! Just give our Toyota Collision Center a call at (704) 845-9199!


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