• Will we see a self-driving N Charlotte Toyota in the near future?


    If you could put any technological feature into your new Toyota near Charlotte, what would it be? Some people would wish for the ability to fly; other drivers might want a magical button that could let them slide through traffic like the Knight Bus in Harry Potter. Well, we’ve got a surprise for you – while your new Toyota may not be able to lift off or change shapes to weave in and out of traffic, it MAY have the ability to drive itself! 

    Would you buy a N Charlotte Toyota that drove itself? 

    Everyone has heard of the Google cars that are self-driving, right? It’s driven over 500 miles in its lifespan, and definitely turns heads when it hits the freeways.  They’re pretty cool, but have also been pretty conceptual…  up until now, that is! Toyota, Nissan and BMW are all ready to take things to the next level, and all three automakers have decided that the next level includes self-driving technology! 

    What are the perks of having a new Toyota in N Charlotte that can drive itself? Here are just a few examples of why this incredible technology would benefit everyone out on the roads: 

    • LESS ACCIDENTS! Not only would a self-driving new Toyota decrease simple human error that can cause fender benders, it can also compensate for other extraneous factors like sleepiness, mood, and distractions. This means not only less danger for you as a passenger in the car, but also less danger for other drivers out on the roads with you! 
    • A more efficient driving experience. If these automakers follow Google’s lead, then these vehicles would offer information regarding traffic, parking, speed limits, navigation – all things that you can manually access for the most part, but how much easier would it be if your new Toyota just did it for you without even asking? 

    Find amazing technology already in our new Toyota near Charlotte 

    Can you imagine just being able to hop behind the wheel and only worry about things like what music to listen to or how high the air conditioning should be? This is the wave of the future, so get ready! We’re already seeing pretty amazing technology integrated into our N Charlotte Toyota vehicles. Here are some of our favorites so far: 

    • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: You’ll find this feature on some of our new Toyota hybrids, like the 2014 Toyota Prius. It’s a cruise control setting that can sense how close you’re getting to the car in front of you – if you get too close for comfort, it slows your car down accordingly until it has enough distance to return to cruising speed. 
    • Pre Collision System: This feature helps to reduce the damage that’s done in a crash. It can sense when an accident is about to occur and helps to slow your vehicle to lessen the effects of a frontal crash when you’re behind the wheel! 

    That’s not all our new Toyota have to offer – come down to Toyota of N Charlotte to see what other amazing technology we’ve got in store for you! We’re just off I-77 at exit 23 – give us a shout at (888) 883-3797 today! 

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