• Know your facts about N Charlotte Toyota electric car options


    Electric cars once seemed like something of the distant future – not something we’d be able to take advantage of anytime soon. However, the future came sooner than we expected at Toyota of N Charlotte, in the form of electric options like the 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in and the new Toyota RAV4 EV! We haven’t gotten any of these incredibly innovative options in quite yet at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, but we’re expecting them to arrive soon and we can’t wait to see how they stack up against their gasoline siblings! 

    What’s the deal with the Toyota RAV4 EV near Charlotte?

    Although they’ve come a long way, Toyota is still working on their research regarding electric cars. The problem is that all-electric options usually can’t travel as far or as fast as their gasoline predecesors, which is a problem when it comes to highway or distance driving. The exceptional Toyota RAV4 EV puts on an impressive performance with top speeds of 85 mph or 100 mph (based on the driving mode you utilize), and it can go up to 92 miles on a single standard charge. However, this often doesn’t match up against a hybrid new Toyota near Charlotte, like the 2013 Toyota Prius, which gets 50 mpg and has a fuel tank that holds up to 11.9 gallons. The new Toyota RAV4 EV might also be impractical in locales where there aren’t readily available charging stations, like more rural areas. What to do? 

    How does the 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in work? 

    The 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in near Charlotte offers a solution – it’s endowed with an all-electric setting so you can utilize your electric motor only, but if you need to up your speed drastically or cover a long distance, you can switch over to a hybrid mode. The electric mode in the Toyota Prius Plug-in offers drivers 95 mpge (mpge measures energy usage) and 50 mpg when you flip into hybrid mode – the fuel efficiency and eco-sensitivity are still unbelievable, but it’s a more practical option for drivers who aren’t prepared for a solely electric new Toyota option. You can even charge the Toyota Prius Plug-in from the comfort of your own home by plugging it into a standard household wall outlet, using the charging cord provided! 

    Additionally, the new Toyota Prius Plug-in offers great standard features. You’ll find two models from which to choose, and can count on stylish elements like LED Daytime Running Lights, 15 inch 10-spoke alloy wheels, and a rear spoiler with an LED stoplights. The interior of the Toyota Prius Plug-in melds technology and comfort, offering features like automatic climate control and a Remote Climate System, Display Audio with Navigation and Entune, Bluetooth capabilities, and the Smart Key System!

    Although we don’t have this innovative new Toyota Prius Plug-in in N Charlotte yet, we’re awaiting its arrival and we’ll be sure to let you know the minute it gets here. In the meantime, why not check out some of the hybrid options we offer, like the Toyota Prius family? Toyota of N Charlotte is located just off I-77 at 13429 Statesville Road in Huntersville. Ask about our new Toyota specials for money-saving opportunities!