• Which celebs rock the N Charlotte Toyota Prius?


    There are about a million reasons why the N Charlotte Toyota Prius is an exceptionally popular ride. It’s green, it’s affordable, it’s stylish, it’s fuel-efficient, it’s decked out with top-of-the-line technology… the list goes on and on. However, its reach is extending even further than we thought – this new Toyota hybrid is now a top choice for celebrity drivers, making its way onto Hollywood streets with a vengeance! 

    Why do Hollywood stars love this new Toyota hybrid?

    Who would have thought, right? When you think of celebrity cars, you often think of flashy rides that cost a TON of money and have little practicality woven into their design. Think again – there are probably a multitude of reasons why celebrities choose the new Toyota Prius near Charlotte as their go-to vehicle, but we’ve listed some of our best guesses as to why this car is taking over tinsel town! 

    • First guess? Eco-friendliness. The new Toyota Prius in N Charlotte is a super-simple solution to your need to go green. It’s a hybrid, which means it utilizes an electric motor alongside a gas engine to majorly reduce smog-forming emissions. This is a big deal all over the country, but especially in heavily polluted areas like Los Angeles. That’s probably why celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio favor this slick hatchback! 
    • Second guess: Spaciousness. This N Charlotte Toyota hybrid is roomy enough for five and also has a convenient hatchback design so you can keep your cargo in check with ease. Additionally, the rear seat is a split design that folds flat so you can make room for bigger cargo items without too much hassle. Maybe that’s why celebs with families choose the new Toyota Prius – you’ll see stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow behind the wheel! 
    • Third guess: Fuel efficiency. It may seem like celebs have endless pocket money, but the real truth is that natural resources used to create oil (and in turn gasoline) are already in short supply and we should be mindful of our usage for the future! The N Charlotte Toyota Prius offers 50 mpg combined, giving you a whole lot more bang for your buck AND a greater travel distance on one tank of gas. 
    • Final guess: Style! Style is always important for celebs, especially trendsetters. You’ll find features like a rear spoiler, fog lights, SofTex interior, a sleek dash that integrates the latest technology, and a huge palette of paint colors up for grabs. That may be why celeb trendsetters like Natalie Portman, Jessice Alba, and Rachael Bilson all rock this new Toyota hybrid on a daily basis! 

    Make the N Charlotte Toyota Prius yours for an incredible price! 

    As you can see there are tons of perks to owning a new Toyota hybrid – one final benefit is the affordability. You can take home a new Toyota Prius for just over $24,000 today! 

    Visit Toyota of N Charlotte to see our selection of the best hybrid cars around – we’re at 13429 Statesville Road in Hunersville, just off I-77 at exit 23!  

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