• Is the N Charlotte Toyota Prius better than the Honda Insight?


    Toyota hybrids have been around for a while now. Did you know that the Toyota Prius first made an appearance in the USA around 2000? Ever since then it’s capture the interest of more than one driver, and has quickly risen to being one of the most popular hybrid cars on the market!

    However, other eco-friendly cars have shown to be top-picks, too. The Honda Insight is one car that’s gotten quite a few positive reviews lately. If you know that you want a hybrid, how can you tell which of these cars is right for you? At our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, we did some digging so that you can easily figure it out!

    Compare the new Toyota Prius with the Honda Insight!

    If you know you want a hybrid vehicle, it’s obvious there’s more than one car that offers this kind of technology. The Toyota Prius family alone offers a few options, and more than one other new Toyota in N Charlotte also features hybrid technology (like the Toyota Camry Hybrid or Toyota Highlander Hybrid)!

    However, when it comes to the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight, there are some key differences that are important to know about. 

    Fuel Economy

    It’s hard not to wonder about great the gas mileage is when you’re talking about hybrid vehicles! This new Toyota hybrid near Charlotte has a fuel economy that’s hard to beat. It has a combine fuel-efficiency of 50 mpg! The Honda Insight can’t keep up with this incredible fuel-efficiency; it only provides a combined fuel economy of 42 mpg. 

    Hi-tech features

    If you want access to the latest technology and hi-tech features, then you’ll probably love all the different options that are available to enjoy in the 2014 Toyota Prius! 

    • Remote air conditioning is a special feature that lets drivers turn on the air conditioning before they even reach the car!
    • Eco-friendly features can be found in more places than the underneath the hood, too. A Solar Roof can be installed, which is used to help power a small fan. This helps keep the interior of this eco-friendly car much closer to the outside temp, which comes in handy no matter what the weather may be like outside!


    Even though both of these cars aren’t minivans or SUVs, they both have plenty of room to offer. However, more space is available for everyone to make the most of in the new Toyota Prius in in N Charlotte! It offers about 94 cubic feet of space, while the Honda Insight only delivers 85 cubic feet. When it comes to cargo room, this new Toyota hybrid beats the Honda again! It has 21.6 cubic feet, while the Honda hybrid only offers 15.9 cubic feet!

    Check out this N Charlotte Toyota hybrid in person!

    Want to check out what this eco-friendly car has to offer you in person? There’s a lot to explore!

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