SPONSORED: Do you need a wheel alignment, tire balancing, or both?

SPONSORED: Do you need a wheel alignment, tire balancing, or both?

When was the last time you brought your car into our Charlotte car care center to give your car a little TLC in the tire department? Routine tire and wheel care is essential for a great performance, top-notch safety, and cheaper car maintenance bills (the better you care for your wheels and tires, the longer they’ll last). However, are you due for a wheel alignment, a tire balance, or both? Toyota of N Charlotte is here to clear up the confusion surrounding these two very different car care appointments.

Why are wheel alignments an important part of car care?

Wheel alignments

When you buy your N Charlotte Toyota from the factory, you’ll find that the wheels are aligned so that all four of them are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to one another. However, over time this alignment starts to shift due to wear and tear, and it can be knocked out of place if you get into an accident or hit a curb. Wheels that are misaligned wear unevenly and can leave you more prone to blowouts and flats.


So, how do you know if you’re due for this car care appointment? You probably need a wheel alignment if:

  • You notice that your tire tread is uneven or wearing in an abnormal pattern
  • You hear your tires squealing when you drive
  • Your car pulls to one side and you have to overcorrect when steering
  • Your steering wheel vibrates during acceleration

Don’t skip scheduling this Charlotte car care appointment - you can do costly damage to your tires and suspension system if you don’t fix misaligned wheels.

Schedule tire balancing at Toyota of N Charlotte

Tire balancing

Wheel alignments are all about the angles of the wheels. Tire balancing, on the other hand, deals more with weight. As you drive, your tires develop uneven spots from simple wear and tear. These spots redistribute the weight unevenly, which can cause issues with how your tires wear and how your vehicle performs as a whole. In order to correct unbalanced tires, our Charlotte auto service techs use weights to even things out.


But how do you know if you’re due for tire balancing? Here are some signs:

  • Your car feels like it’s bouncing or skipping on the road
  • You see cupped marks on your tire tread from the tire bouncing on the road
  • You feel vibrations in your floorboards or steering wheel

Unbalanced tires wear out a lot faster and can also leave you prone to flat tires and blowouts, so don’t skip it.


How often should you schedule these two car care appointments at Toyota of N Charlotte? Our techs recommend that you have your tires balanced every 3,000 to 6,000 miles or whenever you have your tires rotated. Wheel alignments should be scheduled if you get into an accident or hit a curb, as well as every two to three years or if you get new tires.


Ready to schedule tire care for your ride? Call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (704) 875-9199.


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