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Toyota Tacoma camping tips

Do you love getting your N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma off the pavement? This pickup truck is a great choice for anyone who loves off-roading, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. We’re here with a guide on everything you need to go for a Toyota Tacoma camping trip. 

What We Love About Toyota Tacoma Tent Camping 

So to start out, here are your options when you decide to go camping in your N Charlotte Tacoma:

  1. Set up a tent at the nearest campsite
  2. Tow a camper behind your truck with AC to enjoy (and to avoid mosquitos)
  3. Turn your Tacoma into its own amazing camper

Personally, we recommend avoiding traditional tents and their annoying setup. Let’s talk about the benefits of camping from the comfort of your truck!

  • You can sleep comfortably in the bed of your truck (no need for a ground tent)
    • You’ll get lots of fresh air and stay off the wet/muddy ground 
    • You can pick up and move the campsite whenever you want!

Taking Your Toyota Tacoma Camping

Here’s what you need to get your N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma Tent camping!

Truck Bed Cap

This is a great way to beat the elements and ensure a dry place for you to sleep. It also will allow you to lock up your items for more peace of mind. 


You have options when it comes to utilities for Toyota Tacoma camping. None of it will be as good as you get at home of course, but it should still keep you pretty comfy!

  • Solar panels can go on top of your truck and help power your chargers, coolers, accessories and more. 
  • Propane powered camp stoves are a great way to heat up food and drinks. These stoves are also usually pretty small and easy to store away when you’re not using it. 
  • Coolers are great, but you can also look into a portable refrigerator to make your camping experience easier. These can typically be powered by solar panels for added convenience. 
  • Power stations are another great resource to have on hand so that you can keep all your devices charged. These also can typically be charged by solar power. 

Storage Solutions

When you go camping, it's super important to have ample storage for all of your gear and supplies. One of the benefits of Toyota Tacoma camping is how much space you have to store things in your truck. Here are some ways to add storage to your Tacoma for a camping trip:

  • You can strap things to the roof of your truck in a roof bag or box. These are typically weather-resistant, so your stuff will stay nice and dry. 
  • You can purchase a bed slide that allows you to store more in the cab of your truck, plus it allows easy access. 
  • You can also install drawers with a mattress on top of them for added storage and comfort.

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