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EV charging time

When you’re looking into purchasing an EV, one of your top questions is probably “how long does it take to charge an electric car?”. It’s a valid question - EVs aren’t like internal combustion engines where you can pull up to the pump, fill up your gas tank, and hit the road Charging an EV is a different experience and our N Charlotte Toyota experts are here to fill you in on the basics. 

First, let’s talk about the three types of chargers (the type of charger you use determines your EV charging time). 

EV charging time broken down

Level one chargers: These chargers are your standard 120V. Essentially, if a plug on the wall has a three-prong outlet, you can plug your car into it and charge. 

  • When you buy a N Charlotte Toyota electric car, you’ll get this type of cable included with your vehicle and you can take them everywhere with you. 
  • However, this is definitely the slowest type of EV charging and can take several days to get to full charge. 
  • If you drive a plug-in hybrid or have a short daily commute, this type of charging will work for you, but if you drive a lot or have a long commute in a fully electric vehicle, it may not suffice as you’ll have to charge it every single night overnight. 

Level two chargers: These chargers are more powerful, doubling to 240V. You can have this type of EV charging station at your house, but you’ll have to have it installed by a qualified, licensed electrician (don’t try to DIY it). 

  • These EV charging stations are also the most typical public charging station. If you want a full charge from this charger, you’ll have to plug in overnight - it can take 4-10 hours to get there. 
  • However, it’s faster than a 120V so it’s definitely worth exploring an installation of one in your home garage. 

Level three chargers: These are also called DC or Direct Current Fast Chargers. Unfortunately, you can’t install this type of EV charging station at home - you can only find them as public chargers. But they’re extremely convenient when you can as they’re the fastest way to charge your N Charlotte Toyota. Charging time does vary based on your car and can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes to get to an 80% charge. 

Don’t let all of this info overwhelm you, though. We get that new electric car drivers can get EV range anxiety, but it’s easy to beat. All you have to do is download apps to find charging stations near you and keep an eye on your charge level/range, just like you’d keep an eye on your gas tank. And if you have the means to install a Level 2 home charger, it may be worth your while! 

On top of that, there are additional perks to driving an electric car besides the fuel savings and cleaner performance. You can enroll in the Clean Assist program through Toyota. Every time you charge your N Charlotte Toyota, the Toyota app will calculate the amount of electricity you’re using as well as the net emissions from the charging process. They’ll then generate or buy an equivalent amount of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), ensuring that all charging activity is matched with zero-carbon electricity.

Learn more about EV charging time at Toyota of N Charlotte 

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