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Thinking about putting a Toyota electric vehicle in your driveway? The best way to make a solid purchasing decision is to educate yourself on the car you’re considering. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with the latest Toyota electric vehicle news to help keep you in the know! 

Toyota rethinks its EV strategy for the future.

You’ve probably heard by now that the CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, recently stepped down from his post. The new CEO, Koji Sato, has a big interest in expanding Toyota’s place in the electric vehicle market…. By integrating more Toyota electric vehicles into the lineup. We heard that Toyota recently acquired a new Tesla Model Y and disassembled it to get a better look at the manufacturing processes and see what’s going on under the hood. (This is a pretty common practice among automakers, believe it or not.) What Toyota finds under the hood could play a big part in the development and manufacturing of their new EVs, which leads us to… 

Toyota and Lexus collab on a new platform.

Toyota and Lexus are joining forces to create a brand-new platform designed specifically for Lexus and Toyota electric vehicles. The existing electric cars, like the 2023 Toyota bZ4X, sit on the e-TNGA platform. It’s a modified version of the TNGA platform and while it works, it does limit the size of the battery pack, which in turn limits the range of the car. This means Toyota has a hard time keeping up with Tesla in terms of rang and efficiency. A new platform would allow for a larger battery pack, further range, and also the introduction of all-new models into the existing lineup to give customers more Toyota electric vehicle options. 

Toyota bZ3 was introduced in China.

Here in America, the only Toyota electric vehicle available for purchase is the 2023 Toyota bZ4X. However, we do know that Toyota wants to greatly expand the bZ umbrella and bring more electrified cars to the table - that’s why they recently unveiled a Toyota bZ SUV concept, which may or may not become a real thing. In China, an all-new member of the bZ family was recently introduced to the lineup. The 2023 Toyota bZ3 is a sedan that’s actually the result of a collaboration between Toyota and BYD (a global electric car company). The bZ3 sits on the e-TNGA platform, but it utilizes BYD’s lithium-ion battery, electric system, and motor, which means it has a range of around 372 miles (that’s major). Additionally, it has an affordable starting MSRP of around $27,700 USD. Will it make it to the U.S.? That remains to be seen, but Toyota of N Charlotte will keep you posted. 

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