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Construction company building better outcomes for students

As many students in our area head back to the classroom, having adequate school supplies can drastically change the trajectories of students from low-income families toward a successful future.

Despite the difficult year the pandemic has caused, JE Dunn Construction pitched in to help students and their families who have been negatively impacted by the financial ramifications of the virus.

The company pulled up at Classroom Central in a fleet of shiny blue trucks filled with school supplies they had collected during their 9 School Tools collection.

Covering 22 counties, 9 School Tools is the largest school supply drive in the Carolinas.

Since 1997, in partnership with educator coordinators in North and South Carolina, the WSOC-TV 9 School Tools program has collected school supplies, which are then distributed for free to students in grades K-12.

JE Dunn has been supporting 9 School Tools for the last five years.

“We believe that Classroom Central aligns perfectly with our vision which is to enrich lives through inspired people and places, led by our guiding principle of serving others,” said Josh McConaughey, vice president commercial group for JE Dunn Construction.

Classroom Central equips students in need by collecting and distributing free school supplies to local teachers.

This upcoming school year, the need is even greater as teachers work to overcome pandemic learning loss.

The donations included paper, backpacks, notebooks and thousands of other items.

All materials distributed are used to create inviting learning environments and to support the academic and personal growth of students whose families lack the resources needed to purchase school supplies.

“JE Dunn Construction will continue to support Classroom Central because we believe that it is vital to continue to support the teachers and the students in our community, in order to provide them the basic tools that they need for success,” McConaughey said.

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