'We have an active shooter': 911 calls detail chaos, fear during UNCC shooting

'We have an active shooter': 911 calls detail chaos, fear during UNCC shooting

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Nearly 50 911 calls released Friday morning by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department detail the chaos and confusion on the campus of UNC Charlotte moments after a man opened fire inside a classroom earlier this week.

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Dozens of calls were made to 911 dispatchers seconds after the tragedy unfolded Tuesday and within minutes, police flooded the campus.

The calls -- from those who witnessed the shooting, to those who were hiding, to those of loved ones relaying messages from campus -- highlight the panic that gripped the campus.

In total, there were 48 calls to 911. Some of them were just a few seconds long while others lasted for minutes.

“I was in the library and someone ran in shouting ‘shooter,’ so I just ran to the closest building,” one student told dispatchers.

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"We need police, we have an active shooter in Kennedy 236 on the UNCC campus,” another caller frantically said.

One student witnessed the shooting and tried to relay as many details as possible to dispatchers.

"I need police. I was in Kennedy Hall. There was someone shooting. Last time I saw them they were in Kennedy Hall. I believe he is white. He was wearing a black shirt,” the caller said.

“What was he armed with? A long gun, short gun?” asked the 911 operator.

"It was a pistol, I believe a Glock 17 or a 34," said the caller. “He was pretty close to some people on the far side of the room, so it was pretty likely that he hit somebody.”

Another student also called after witnessing the shooting.

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“There's a shooter on UNC Charlotte campus. We were in the class, in Kennedy building. He has long black hair, glasses, wearing all black. It seemed like he was shooting at one person. It was a lot of shots,” the student said. “He had a handgun, black. He was still shooting as we were leaving.”

More calls flooded into the 911 call center, including one from the partner of the teacher whose classroom was attacked.

“I got a text message from my partner who is a faculty member at UNC Charlotte, that he has an active shooter in his classroom. Classroom 236. He said he was able to get several students out.”

Others who called did not see the shooter but were hiding in terror.

“I am in the library, we're hiding,” a caller whispered to a dispatcher.

“Is he inside the library?” the operator asked.

“We have no idea,” they replied.

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Others in hiding called for information about the unfolding situation.

"Somebody said there was an active shooter on campus. We're hiding, and we don't know what to do. We're in the library. I haven't heard the shooting but I heard people screaming. Was there a shooting confirmed?” a student asked.

“It does appear that way, yes,” the dispatcher said.

"I have a student who went out, he saw people bleeding,” another caller said. “There were students outside who were bleeding.”

A teacher who had huddled a group of students together made a 911 call from the bathroom of the library, next to Kennedy Hall.

“I’m a teacher with a group of students in the library on the first floor in an office. We’re scared,” the caller said.

"We do have the suspect in custody,” the dispatcher reassured them. “We have officers all over campus just trying to get students out of each building. If you hear the officers start yelling just yell back at them so they can come to you and escort you out of the building."

"Should we come out with our hands up?" the caller asked.

"We have no reason to believe there is any other incident going on. We have officers kind of everywhere. We're just trying to figure out where everybody is," the operators told them.

Still, more calls came in.

“I'm inside the Epic Education building at UNC Charlotte and shots have been fired outside,” said another student. “I’m on the third floor with 10 people in the women's bathroom."

"Stay where you're at, stay down and officers will get to you,” the dispatcher said. “Try to remain as calm as possible. There was an active shooting, but the shooter has been detained.”

Parents of students hiding on campus also called 911.

“My daughter is in the career center,” one father said. “There's about 10 kids hiding under the desk. She's been texting me and they're very scared."

Another father told dispatchers that his daughter was with one of the wounded students.

“My daughter is in the Chick-fil-A on campus, hiding in the bathroom with a girl who was shot. She was shot in the back area, just above her buttocks,” he said. “This is crazy."