Action 9: Customer complaints mount against lingerie store

Action 9: Customer complaints rack up against Charlotte lingerie store

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Customers across the country and Canada are complaining about a lingerie business based in Charlotte.
More than 50 customers have reported Little Tiny Waist to the Better Business Bureau since Feb. 17. They said they paid money but didn't get all or part of their orders.
Little Tiny Waist is near South Boulevard but does most of its business online.  Heather Haukens said she ordered two items from its website, including "one of those waist trimmers that all the woman are getting these days because we all want slim waists."   
She said she paid for both pieces of lingerie but only got one in the mail.
"At first, I thought it was like a simple mistake and so I followed up," she said. "But then, when you don't hear anything, you think, 'OK, I'm getting ripped off.'"
She decided to warn other shoppers online, posting her comments on social media after she found out she wasn't alone. 
"I know there are real problems in the world, but it's the principle," she said. 
She also complained to the BBB. 
So did customers in 25 states and Canada recently. 
"People are providing their credit card information, checks, money orders, what have you, to buy the item and there's no delivery," BBB President Tom Bartholomy said.  
The BBB gives the business an F-rating and has an alert on its website.
Little Tiny Waist's owner told Action 9 the store had more demand than expected and got behind on orders but resolved all issues as of April 14. 
The BBB disagreed, saying its records show multiple complaints are still unresolved.
A store employee who asked to remain anonymous told Action 9 reporter Jason Stoogenke that as soon as he left the business, the owner made a list of unresolved customer complaints and instructed workers to make those a priority.
Always remember, if you buy anything online, the business has 30 days to deliver the item or tell you there's a delay and offer a full refund.  If it doesn't, it's breaking a federal law, called the Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule.