• Action 9: Man says he had trouble getting refund to debit card

    By: Don Griffin


    For months, Albert Price has been working to get his ‘95 pickup truck back on the road. He's trying to rebuild the engine.

    “In order to get these cam bearings out, you have to have a special tool,” he said.

    Price went to Sears at the mall in Gastonia and they ordered the tool online but sent him the wrong one.  He returned it to sears.com but said they never refunded the $108 to his debit card.

    It was the same card Price was forced to cancel earlier for fraud reasons.

    Price and his wife, Gail, went back to the Sears to ask if the store could give them a refund. She said not only were they denied, but treated rudely.

    “Made me feel like I was so stupid, didn't know what I was doing,” she said. “You know, we got all the paperwork proving the company got their product back.”

    Gail and Albert Price are on a fixed income and said they can't afford to lose the $108.

    “It might just be pocket change to some of them people that work at Sears, but to us that's a lot of money,” Gail Price said.

    Action 9 went with the Prices to Sears.

    A corporate spokesperson said they issued the refund to the same Visa card Price used to make the purchase per their policy and that Price’s bank was responsible for posting the credit to his account.

    After Action 9’s visit to Sears, the store manager gave Price his $108 back in cash.

    “Now I got it back,” Price said. “Now I can go on, get my engine running, get it put in.”

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    Action 9: Man says he had trouble getting refund to debit card