• Action 9: Woman says mechanic installed bad brakes to minivan

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    ROCK HILL, S.C. - A Rock Hill woman thought she ended up with a bad brake job on her minivan.

    She was nervous driving her children in it and wanted her money back.

    As a single mother of three, Erin Hope gets a lot of use out of her minivan.

    When it was time for new brakes, she went to Meineke in Rock Hill. She said it's a shop she's always been happy with.

    She spent $207, but said right away she realized the brakes were worse than before.

    "Before I even left the parking lot, I could feel something wasn't right. I was having to push my foot almost to the floor," Hope said.

    She pulled right back in and said she ended up going back three times in less than a week.

    She still didn't trust the brakes, especially with her family's safety at stake.

    "I was paranoid when people would get up behind me because I knew my brakes weren't working right," she said.

    So she came to Goodyear on Celanese.

    She said mechanics told her the brakes were bad. So she paid Goodyear to redo the work, costing her $175.

    She would have liked Meineke to refund her first, but didn't want to risk driving on bad brakes a minute longer.

    "I just want my money back. They did me wrong. They talked to me like I was dirt on the ground," Hope said.

    Action 9 went to Meineke.

    The owner said he tries hard to keep every customer and that he stands by his service.

    And, even though he doesn't feel he did anything wrong, he'd give Hope a refund.

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    Action 9: Woman says mechanic installed bad brakes to minivan