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Action 9: Some customers say appliance repair company didn't do the work, stopped responding

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Brenda Kutzler lives in York.  She said her refrigerator was making a loud noise.  "It just kept getting louder and louder and louder."

Michelle Clark lives in Rock Hill.  She said her freezer was working, but the refrigerator was not.

Both hired Rapid Response Appliance Repair.  The owner is John Jackson.

"That following weekend, it started making the noise again," Kutzler said.  "I called him several times and no answer," she told Action 9.  "I don't think it's right for people to treat people like that."

"We plug it in.  It's not working.  We call him.  I call him.  I call him.  I call him.  No response," Clark said.  "It's just not right.  It's not the right thing to do."

The Better Business Bureau said Jackson has used the following six business names:

Professional Appliance Service
Concord Appliance Repair
Rapid Response Appliance Repair
Star Appliance & HVAC
Cornelius Appliance Repair
Spencer Appliance

The BBB gives Rapid Response an "F" rating.  It said the company has a "history" of promoting its business, using the "BBB name and logo" without permission.  The BBB is reporting the company to the N.C. Attorney General's office because of the number of complaints.  "We've had 48 complaints filed against them since 2015.  37 of them -- in our last three reporting periods -- all but one of those have been ignored by the company," BBB president Tom Bartholomy said.

Action 9 called Jackson.  He agreed to do a phone interview and let Action 9 record it.  "Some issues we had.  Some technicians we fired," he said.  Plus, he blamed another business he partnered with.  "So it's probably been a combination of those things that have actually created the gist of everything," he said.  Jackson said "everything" is going to be "100%" better moving forward and plans to give Clark and Kutzler refunds.

Action 9 will stay on top of this to see if Jackson follows through.

1.  Do your homework:  Search the owner's name online.  Don't just search the company's name.  Owners may change the name often so bad reviews don't pop up.
2.  Don't pay the full amount up front.
3.  Ask for references.

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