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More GM customers claim their vehicles shake or shudder

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — More than 40 General Motors customers contacted Action 9's Jason Stoogenke and said their cars or trucks have vibration issues. In fact, Stoogenke has heard more about that issue than any other this year.

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Selina Olomua took Stoogenke for a ride in her 2016 Cadillac ATS and the car shook.

"It's not terrible, (but) sometimes it's a big lurch," Olomua said. "It is similar to hitting the rumble strip on a side of a road."

Steve VanDenAkker has a 2015 Chevy Silverado and said, "It just got to the point where it was a constant shudder, just a constant shudder."

They're not alone.

As of Thursday afternoon, 43 people had complained to Action 9.

Drivers say their SUVs stalled while they were driving. Action 9's Jason Stoogenke checked federal safety records to see if drivers complained about the same problem with more recent Tucsons. 

He found 49 complaints. 

Tonight on Eyewitness News, a Charlotte woman is urging the automaker to expand the company's previous recall to newer models. 

There is also a Facebook page dedicated to the GM vibration issues. The page had more than 700 members.

Customers are suing the car company in what could become a class action.

Stoogenke wanted to speak in person with someone from GM about the issue and offered to go to its Detroit headquarters to do so, but the company and refused.

It sent him a statement saying, "Owners with questions should take their vehicles to a dealership. As we've given dealers information on how to diagnose or address concerns."

Olomua took her Cadillac to a dealer, and they test drove the car and acknowledged feeling the shudder.

It was documented in the service paperwork.

The dealer made some adjustments and told her the shudder should go away in about 200 miles.

"Right now, I want out of the Cadillac," she said.

VanDenAkker also took his truck to the dealer which said it balanced the tires, but he said that didn't solve the problem.

"The shudder was still there, just not as bad," he said. "At this point, I would just like the problems I'm experiencing fixed."

Stoogenke has been in touch with fNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is the agency that would push for any recalls.

Stoogenke was told that the agency is aware of the issue and is monitoring it.

If you own a GM car or truck and are having a vibration issue, email and include a picture of your vehicle.

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