• You may get stuck with the bill if your car floods and you do not have comprehensive insurance

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - All this rain, you could see flash flooding.  Your vehicle could end up under water quickly.

    Carl Mathis lives near Park Road Shopping Center.  Water engulfed all three of his cars recently.  "It's really frustrating," Carl Mathis said.

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    Action 9 could still see the dirt where the water line was, mold inside the cars, and even a puddle still on one of the floormats.

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    The water went down, but the damage was already done.  "I've tried to start them.  They won't start," Mathis said.

    State Farm agent Jeremy Fulkerson said insurance will cover flood damage, as long as you have comprehensive insurance.  "If you just have collision coverage, you do not have coverage for a flooded vehicle, he told Action 9.  "Your premiums should not go up, not because of something like this.  It's not considered an 'at fault' accident."  

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    Mathis said he has comprehensive insurance on two of his cars, but not the third.

    Make sure you call your insurance before you tow or hire a mechanic.  Otherwise, you could rack up receipts and have trouble getting reimbursed. 

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