• Bill could raise speed limit on NC interstates

    By: Natalie Pasquarella


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A bill was introduced on Tuesday that could raise the speed limit on interstates across North Carolina.

    Eyewitness News found out just how high it could go and read through studies to see if this could actually make roads safer.

    The Department of Transportation could get to increase the speed limit on certain interstate highways to a maximum of 75 mph. Right now, the maximum speed is 70.

    "I think that's crazy, you got people already who can't even drive," said Murry Edwards.

    One big question on Tuesday night is: would a higher speed limit make North Carolina highways more dangerous?

    Eyewitness News researched four different studies done across several states to find out.

    Most found the major cause of crashes on highways is not speed, it is the drivers traveling at different speeds, and in some cases, increasing the speed limit helps drivers stay in sync and reduces the number of crashes.

    However, due to the cars traveling faster, any crash that does happen could be more severe.

    "If you know how to drive correctly, and you're not in such a big rush, I think it'll be OK," said Raven Robinson.

    "I think that it would help out a lot, maybe, especially with that traffic up on 77, maybe we could get it moving," said Kristyn Guido.

    If the bill passes, there probably will not be much change in Charlotte. The speed limit on many highways in Charlotte is already below the maximum 70.

    Eyewitness News did try to contact the DOT after the bill was filed, but has not had a response from them at this time.

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