• Channel 9 uncovers similarities in allegations of election fraud in Bladen, Robeson counties


    ROBESON COUNTY, N.C. - Channel 9 dug through hundreds of documents out of Robeson County Wednesday related to allegations of fraud in the U.S. House District 9 election.

    Anchor Allison Latos discovered a link to similarities Channel 9 uncovered in Bladen County.

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    Latos found Lisa Britt signed as a witness on 27 Robeson County absentee ballots. Her signature and address are the same as the Lisa Britt Channel 9 found on 42 ballots in Bladen County.

    Latos also found a signature for a Jennifer Boyd on 55 ballots, and on many, she noted she helped the voter fill out the ballot. Channel 9 also discovered a Rhonda Strickland signed as a witness on 18 ballots.

    The Chairman of the Robeson County Board of Elections Steve Stone said his staff saw red flags over the summer when they started getting inundated with voter registration forms and absentee ballot requests, some duplicates or triplicates.

    [SPECIAL SECTION: District 9 investigation]

    He said several voters even called the Board of Elections to complain about people knocking on their doors claiming they needed to correct their voter registration, which wasn’t true.

    “They don’t do it for free. They don’t do it out of patriotism,” Stone said. “These are people who are professionals that do it. They may do it for six campaigns at the same time.”

    Channel 9 asked the State Board of Elections if a witness can also be a voter assistant. The answer is yes.

    The big question is, were the people who signed those ballots legitimate witnesses, or could this be election fraud?

    State Board of Elections investigators were at the Robeson County Board of Elections collecting documents as recently as Friday.

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