• Fire reported at former home of Erica Parsons

    By: Nate Stewart


    SALISBURY, N.C. - Rowan County Emergency Services said they are turning over evidence to the FBI after a fire at the former home of Erica Parsons.

    They say will be turning all of their information on the fire over to the FBI, including a microwave inside the home. The FBI fire investigator wants to take a closer look at it.

    Wednesday morning firefighters spent hours investigating what caused the fire. No one has lived here since Casey and Sandy Parsons moved out over the weekend.

    Sandy's father William Parsons owns the home and was there when the fire started.

    "I couldn't stop it," said William Parsons.

    William Parsons told Channel 9 he was doing work at the house.

    "I heard something cracking and I went back up in the house and the microwave was on fire," said William Parsons.

    Parsons had just flipped the breaker to turn the power back on when the fire broke out.

    He said the power had been turned off after Sandy and Casey moved out over the weekend.

    He evicted them because they owed him nearly $26,000. He told Channel 9 he came to the house today to work on it, so he could sell it.

    Channel 9 cameras were rolling as fire investigators went in and out of the home all day. They told us Sandy and Casey Parsons remodeled the home last year.

    "Some of that was a self-done remodel. We are trying to trace some of the wiring to see if it was done correctly," said Aaron Youngblood, fire division chief of Rowan County Emergency Services.

    Investigators said there is damage to the kitchen cabinets, the ceiling, and the attic. Our cameras were rolling as they placed the microwave in the back of an official SUV.

    They are turning it over to federal investigators so they can take a closer look. Parsons said the fire was an accident.

    "I was trying to put it out by my jacket didn't work so I just called 911 and they told me to get out of the house," William Parsons said.

    Fire officials say the cause is still under investigation.

    Channel 9 contacted the FBI to ask why they want to look at the microwave. They said the house is a part of their ongoing investigation.

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