Hildebran Plant Slashes Workforce

HILDEBRAN, N.C.,None — Most employees at International Legwear Group were told on Friday it was their last day.

Employees at the 9451 Neuville Ave. location were told the company is restructuring, according to The Hickory Daily Record. Unnamed sources told the paper that company officials were negotiating with creditors.

Rumors of an impending layoff had swirled at the company for about a week.

In addition to the Hildebran location, ILG has a production facility in Mexico. It's unclear what affect the restructuring will have on the Mexico plant.

Chuck Brown, manager of the N.C. Employment Security Commission office in Morganton, told The Daily Record it was unclear on Friday how many employees would need his agency's help. Brown said he's not sure what the financial situation of the company is but he said it had around 100 employees.

Brown briefed ILG employees on Friday about filing for unemployment and Trade Adjustment Act benefits. Some trade adjustment benefits include a health care tax credit, job training and extended unemployment benefits.

Employees can file and receive benefits from the Morganton office or their local unemployment office, according to Brown.

International Legwear Group was formerly Neuville Industries and Ellis Hosiery Mills, which were sock manufacturers and long-time employers in the area. According to its website, ILG bought Neuville Industries in 2003. According to the company's website, Neuville started in 1950 in New York, and Ellis Hosiery Mills, which was based in Hickory, was started in 1936.

Some ILG employees had been with the company for more than 30 years, sourced told The Hickory Daily Record.

The last major layoff at the plant was in 2007 when the company slashed 290 jobs, according to past reports.

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