'How can we pray for you today?' Tourists get married by stranger on Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Tourists had their fairy tale wedding on North Myrtle Beach, and they had not planned it.

The Robinettes were vacationing from West Virginia earlier in August when they told our partners at WPDE they were walking on the beach, and they saw a sign that said "How can we pray for you today?"

Pastor Wilmot Merchant said he puts the sign there and sits on the beach every Friday.

The sign inspired the couple, and they asked Merchant to marry them.

"We told him we wanted it done at the edge of the ocean, so the water could come right in and just slide across our feet," Richard Robinette said.

"I went to the beach to go and pray with people, not to marry. But I serve a God, who surprises me," Merchant said.

The couple said they got married, right then and there, but their fairy tale did not stop yet.

They went to Merchant's church the following Sunday and the church threw them a reception with cake and flowers.