'There was a vehicle in my house': Car plows into family's living room

STATESVILLE, N.C. — A Statesville family is OK but looking for a place to stay after a driver backed a car through the wall of their apartment.

Police said the crash happened around midnight on Inglewood Road.

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When Channel 9 crews got to the scene, a huge gaping hole could be seen in the side of the building where the car plowed through.

Officials said no one inside the apartment was hurt, but it's no longer safe to live in because of all the damage.

The family that lives there told Channel 9 the BMW crashed right through the wall and into their living room.

Misty Langley said it all happened so fast. She rushed to the living room and saw drywall and a bunch of lights flashing. She said she heard somebody yell, then watched as the driver crawled out of the car.

“I was getting ready to go to bed, next thing I knew, I heard a big boom and I thought maybe my animals knocked something over,” she said. “I run out into the living room and there was a vehicle in my house.”

The car was towed away, and the family has been moved into another apartment while the American Red Cross helps them.

Police said the crash was an accident but there was no word on if the driver would face any charges.