121 customers tell Action 9 the glass on their Frigidaire ovens suddenly shattered

CHARLOTTE — In 30 states and two countries, 121 consumers have now reached out to Action 9 saying the glass on their Frigidaire ovens shattered out of the blue.

That’s about one every week since Jason Stoogenke started investigating the issue in 2022.

“I was standing right out here and about to go into the pantry and then just all of a sudden there was a loud pop,” Davidson resident Kristen Berkenfield said. “The dogs came running through so … there was glass in the paws.”

Action 9 heard from 51 people who said their ovens were on when the glass allegedly broke. The same number of people, including Berkenfield, say their ovens were not on or even warm at the time. The other 19 didn’t say.

“I’m not just worried about feet, but if it had shattered with a small child around, and if a piece of glass got in their eye, that could cause some serious damage,” she said.

Most, including Berkenfield, say their ovens weren’t that old, but still out of warranty.

The company hasn’t issued a recall.

Stoogenke exchanged emails with the company in the past. It has acknowledged this issue can happen, that “sometimes the imperfections are not visible.” It says it “takes the safety of its products seriously” and that they comply with industry standards.

If it happens to you, report it to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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