2,000-pound great white shark 'pinged' near Outer Banks


OUTER BANKS, N.C. — Less than two weeks ago, Unama’ki, the second biggest white shark that has ever been tagged in the northwest Atlantic by OCEARCH, was located just off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada.

Now, the 2,076-pound great white shark is swimming down the North Carolina coast near Currituck County.

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OCEARCH is a nonprofit that tracks animals such as whales, alligators, dolphins and sharks.

WGHP reported the research group tagged Unama'ki on Sept. 20 at Scaterie Island, Nova Scotia.

Researchers said the female shark, which is 15-feet-5-inches long, was pinged early Tuesday morning near the Virginia-North Carolina border moving south.

The name Unama’ki came from the indigenous Mi’kmaq people in Nova Scotia and means “land of the fog.”

Officials at Ocearch said they believe Unama’ki could lead them to where she gives birth, which could reveal an undiscovered great white shark nursery.

Track Unama'ki's journey here.

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