Teens arrested after more than 60 cars vandalized across Gaston County

BELMONT, N.C. — Police in Belmont arrested two teenagers after they said the pair terrorized neighborhoods across Gaston County overnight, peppering dozens of vehicles with pellets and BBs.

Detectives were investigating more than 60 reports of vandalism in Belmont after residents woke up Friday to find their cars shot up by pellet gunfire.

Police said Duncan Hopkins and Nigel Baker were taken into custody after a traffic stop. They were held under a $1,000 bond and have bonded out.

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More cases were also reported in other neighborhoods across Gaston County, including Mount Holly and Cramerton.

The suspects told police they bought the pellet guns so they could go around shooting at cars.

“Last time, it was a rock, and this time, it looks like a BB gun was used,” victim Crystal Baff said.

Baff told Channel 9 she is fed up with vandals targeting her mother's car.

“They just dealt with this last year. Just got the windows fixed, and they're still going to court for the two boys that did it, so that hasn't even been resolved yet,” Baff said.

Throughout the night, officers were called to different neighborhoods in Belmont and found dozens of cars and trucks with windows shot out. Police said the vandals used a BB gun and a pellet gun.

“I noticed when I was driving my son to school, they got my neighbors as well,” victim Mike Bostwick said.

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Early Friday morning, police found and arrested the two suspects who they said were responsible for the damage across the county.

“They need to think about their consequences,” Baff said. “I mean, they having a night of fun, but they are costing all these honest, hardworking people money that they don't have.”

Police told Channel 9 they are dealing with an overwhelming number of reports and they've seen thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“It’s very overwhelming to (have) this number of vehicles damaged at one time,” Belmont police Lt. Boyce Falls said.

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