2023 NFL Draft: Former 49ers wide receiver Grant DuBose hoping for shot in NFL after unique path

CHARLOTTE — Charlotte 49ers wide receiver Grant Dubose is entering the NFL draft ranked among the best all-time in program history.

In just two seasons at Charlotte, Dubose is ranked third all-time for career receiving touchdowns with 15, and fourth all-time in career receiving yards with 1,684.

The Montgomery, Alabama native was previously enrolled at Miles College, though their season was cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dubose worked three jobs while back at home, and still in search of an opportunity to continue his college career.

It’s how he earned that next opportunity that was likely as unconventional as it was unexpected.

Then-offensive coordinator Mark Carney first learned about Dubose from 49ers quarterback James Foster.

“I didn’t know about him from high school or (any)thing,” Foster said. “I saw him go and I was just like, man, who is this guy? Who is this running routes?”

Foster, who is also an Alabama-native, was back at home during Christmas break, when the two were among several athletes working out at a local high school. Foster recalled how the receiver immediately caught his attention, and upon his return to campus, pleaded his case with Mark Carney.

“After spring (practice) was over with, I’m like coach, no disrespect to other receivers we have, but this dude is a dude coach, I’m telling you.”

The 49ers invited Grant Dubose to work out in the summer of 2021. After watching him run three routes, Carney said he ended their session early. He’d seen enough.

“I wasn’t really asking for a scholarship,” DuBose said. “I just wanted an opportunity to be able to showcase my skillset.”

>> In the video at the top of the page, former teammates and coaches of DuBose talk about his unique journey.

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