4 laps, 4 beers: This Charlotte woman is the ‘Beer Mile’ world champion

CHARLOTTE — How do you feel about chugging a beer and then running a quarter-mile?

Try repeating that feat four times.

Not only can one woman from Charlotte do it. She’s the reigning world champion.

Elizabeth Laseter ran on the cross country team as a college student at Johns Hopkins University, and it helped prepare her for her newfound stardom.

“We had a post-season tradition every year, the team did, where we would find a track, a low-key track in Baltimore, and we’d do a beer mile,” Laseter told Channel 9′s DaShawn Brown.

This weekend, Laseter is taking part in the Meck Mile, a new event in Charlotte that aims to get people of all experience levels to run their first mile.

>>See Laseter’s story in the video at the top of this story.

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