809 Foundation keeps slain York County officer's legacy alive year after shooting

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — Wednesday marked the one-year anniversary when four York County officers were shot, including Detective Mike Doty, a deputy who succumbed to his injuries.

The officers were responding to a call when a heavily armed domestic violence suspect they were searching for opened fire on them.

Law enforcement officers in York County are still recovering from that tragic evening.

Community members continue to carry on Doty’s legacy.

"It’s a day that we knew was coming, but that you can never prepare for.” Lisa Moseley said. "We kind of wanted to fill the gap, stand in that empty void where he isn't anymore."

Moseley and her husband were with Doty the night he was shot. They helped create the 809 Foundation, named after Doty’s call number.

The foundation supports mentoring children, preventing drug addiction and building up the community, which were Doty’s passions.

"To us, it's endearing to see that it's still making a difference, that Mike is still reaching people,” Moseley said.

Moseley still thinks about the show of support and the respect that brought people together to honor the slain officer.

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“He always brought people together, and in his death, he's still doing that,” Moseley said.

The night when York County Doty, a tireless public servant, 12-year-old Leyna Stoneburner lost her godfather, who she called “Uncle Mike.”

"He liked to take me shopping for my birthday, and he liked to come over and just hang out with my dad and we'd watch TV together,” Leyna said.

Inspired by her godfather, Leyna came up with “Do it for Doty,” which prompted people to do 809 acts of kindness for others.

"It is a sad day, but I try to take all the sadness and do something good for the community with it and make him proud,” Leyna said.

Leyna said those acts of kindness can be anything from helping someone cross the street to donating to a charity.

Her sixth-grade class in Clover left gifts for their mail carriers.

The 809 Foundation has donated thousands of dollars to help youth organizations and people battling substance abuse.

The 809 Foundation is asking the community to take part in a “Blue out” on Thursday, and they want people to light up their home or office in blue.

The Special Olympics presented Doty’s family with a torch to honor his legacy.

The torch will then be used in the Special Olympics annual torch run.

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