9 Investigates: Unwanted Amazon packages delivered on doorsteps

CHARLOTTE — So many people shop on Amazon and for some, it may often seem like a package is on their doorstep every day.

But one west Charlotte man said for years, he has been bombarded by things he didn’t order, and it didn’t stop until Channel 9′s Allison Latos investigated.

Walter White has been checking his mail on Carrington Court for nearly 50 years, but on top of bills and junk mail, the past few years he has gotten tons of packages he never ordered.

“I probably threw away a few hundred not knowing what they were, afraid to touch them,” he said. “I didn’t actually send anything. I didn’t know what was going on or how to stop.”

Out of frustration, he finally turned to Channel 9. Latos uncovered a seller on Amazon called “HOF Trading,” selling military and veteran patches, pics and stickers, that was using White’s address.

“That’s been the puzzle. I have no idea how they got my name or address,” he said.

Any time the address for the intended recipient was wrong or they returned the items, packages ended up at White’s front door.

“Every time I said return to sender, the sender turned out to be me,” he said.

An Amazon spokesperson sent the following statement to Channel 9:

“When a prospective seller registers an account, we use industry-leading tools and expert investigators to verify their identities. However, in this case, the seller incorrectly listed someone’s home address for deliveries and returns.”

HOF Trading never responded to Latos, but last week they changed their address to a location on Mallard Creek Road.

Back on Carrington Court, the postal service advised White to either refuse the deliveries or give them back. Latos was there as he handed over a big bag to his neighborhood carrier.

“Since you got involved, some results have started taking place,” White said. “I thank you for showing up and handling the situation. You put me at rest.”

He is relieved that finally, he’s finding only a few letters in his mailbox.

If people ever get unwanted packages from Amazon, they can alert the company through this form online.

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