Some say delivery company still has issues even after employee charged with theft

CHARLOTTE — Dozens of customers complained to Action 9 about LaserShip in the past year. They said they ordered items and that LaserShip was supposed to deliver them, but they didn’t receive the packages.

In April police charged a LaserShip warehouse manager, Jarvas Foster, with felony larceny by employee. They accused him of stealing 11 items from the LaserShip warehouse.

Since then, three customers, including Jermaine Geter, reached out to Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke. They said they ordered items after that arrest, but that those packages didn’t arrive.

Geter said he ordered shoes and sweatsuits and that LaserShip was supposed to deliver one on Sept. 5 and the other on Sept. 12. The tracking information said both made it to the LaserShip facility in Charlotte, but not to Geter’s house.

“Mind you, I work at home so anytime somebody comes to my doorbell, I get a notification from my ring camera and I can see it because my living room is right there and my office right there as well,” he said.

Geter is also a fraud investigator. He said he complained to the seller and the seller refunded him for the first order. He’s hoping a refund is coming for the second one as well.

“That’s all it boils down to: I order it; I want to receive it,” he said. “As long as I receive my package and it’s there intact and it hasn’t been damaged, I’m fine.”

Stoogenke says no matter what company delivers your package, your relationship is with the seller, not the carrier. In the cases Action 9 has followed, the sellers have been quick to refund customers.

LaserShip responded to Action 9 for most of the previous reports involving the company. Stoogenke emailed LaserShip about this on Monday and Tuesday, but the company did not respond in time for this report.

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