Action 9 helps high school senior, her parents get refund for dresses from canceled proms

Action 9 helps high school senior, her parents get refund for dresses from canceled proms

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Shannon Curtis was going to two proms: Independence and Butler.

So, she bought two dresses. She said she and her parents spent more than $600 on them.

“I loved them. I was so excited to wear them this year. They were my favorite prom dresses ever,” she said.

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Then the pandemic hit. The proms were canceled. “We all felt really disappointed in that we had our senior year kind of like ripped away from us.”

Her mother, Barbara, said David’s Bridal’s return policy stated that customers can get a full refund if they return the dresses within two weeks. She said the store closed for a while and then reopened, but by appointment only. She said she didn’t think that counted towards the two weeks, so she waited. It turned out to be too long.

“We were thinking we were still ahead of the game until we talked to the manager, who said no,” Barbara said.

“I felt really upset because I was like, that was my money, that was my parents' money, and I never even got to wear them,” Shannon said.

“I am like, ‘Well, if they can’t do anything for me, who can?’” Barbara said.

So she emailed Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke. “That was my only resource that I felt that I could use. And it worked,” she told Stoogenke.

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Action 9 emailed the store. It didn’t discuss the situation, but said it would resolve it. And the next day “the manager said, ‘Yes, we can give you a return as long as the tags are still on it,' which they were. And I went Saturday morning and we got our refund for them,” Barbara said.

Every store is different, especially during the pandemic. So:

  • Know the return policy
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Be persistent
  • If you need help, ask Action 9