• Action 9: Man finds mold, leaks, cat smell in new apartment

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A local man said when he moved into his Charlotte apartment he found mold, leaks and a strong cat smell.

    The man told Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke he wanted out and a refund, both of which apartment complexes don’t often say “yes” to.

    Chretien Keungne is from Cameroon. He is a full-time student going for a graduate degree in accounting.

    He also works full-time, the overnight shift at a senior living facility.

    So he cherishes the few hours he has between all of that to get some rest.

    He envisioned doing that at the Lynden Square Apartments along Providence Road.

    The sign even says "luxury."

    When Stoogenke walked in, he noticed a strong cat smell even though Keungne doesn't have cats.

    Stoogenke saw marks on the ceiling which could be mold and spots where it looked like the wall had been touched up.

    “You can see how it was patched, it is not something I’m making up,” said Keungne.

    He said he sent the complex a five-page certified letter that carefully detailed his concerns.

    “You want me to put up with the inconvenience of not sleeping, not going to school, and I got to work at night," he said.

    His biggest fear was that his grades would suffer.

    "I have a very, very busy life between full-time school, full-time work, I don't have time.  This inconvenience is just too much," he said.

    He wanted out and wanted his money back.

    “Just refund my money and I find other place to live."

    Action nine got that for him.

    The complex would not go on camera, but sent a series of emails agreeing to “allow this resident to vacate his apartment” and saying “yes” to a partial refund.

    The North Carolina Consumers Council said it certainly helps that Keungne put his concern in writing and did it as soon as he moved in.

    "You get your ducks in a row and you can generally do anything,” said N.C. Consumers Council spokesman Matthew Oliver.

    But it still took hours when Keungne could have been studying or resting.

    At last check, he was officially out of his apartment.

    Action 9 is checking to see how much the complex reimbursed him.

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    Action 9: Man finds mold, leaks, cat smell in new apartment