• Action 9: Woman shocked when company refuses to replace faulty computer

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman said she bought a computer that never worked properly, and it had a warranty. But, when she tried to have the company replace it, the company refused.

    Carla Bradham says from the first day she purchased her $1,100 Dell computer a year ago it's had nothing but problems.

    "It just shuts down by itself," said Bradham.

    As Bradham clicked through a graphics package for her art design work, the screen froze.

    Bradham said Dell attempted to fix her computer over the phone and even sent out a technician who replaced the hard drive, but nothing worked.

    "I think I got a lemon and I would like to have it replaced, just replace," said Bradham.

    Bradham said Dell wouldn't respond, even though her computer was still under warranty.

    Dell's customer satisfaction rating has fallen to just 3 percent as measured by Consumer Affairs Website.

    Dell had to right a major lawsuit claiming it knowingly sold millions of faulty PCs and then replaced them with more faulty computers.

    When Channel 9 contacted the company about Bradham's complaint, Dell told Bradham that it would replace her hard drive, graphics card and motherboard, and add memory.

    "They called me the very day that they received Action 9's letter," said Bradham.

    Dell's latest repairs fixed Bradham's computer.

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    Action 9: Woman shocked when company refuses to replace faulty computer