‘Not a good feeling’: Local war veterans react to unfolding crisis in Afghanistan

CHARLOTTE — The images coming out of Afghanistan as U.S. troops leave the war-torn country resonate deeply with many who have served.

Adam Stead is a banker in Charlotte now, but he’ll never forget the war in Afghanistan where he once served as a helicopter pilot in the Army.

“We committed a lot of time and a lot of effort; the blood and lives of our young men and women,” he said. “Knowing all the price we paid helping them out, and to see us kind of go back, is not a good feeling.”

>> In the video at the top of this page, Channel 9′s Mark Becker talks with Stead and Vietnam war veteran Bob Caudill to get their thoughts on what’s happening in Afghanistan.

(WATCH BELOW: Afghan interpreter living in Charlotte speaks about crisis in his home country)