Airline workers rally outside Sen. Tillis’ office demanding Cares Act extension

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Airline workers hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic are rallying outside Senator Thom Tillis’ office Thursday in north Charlotte.

They’re demanding the Cares Act be extended ahead of thousands of layoffs between American Airlines and Delta in Oct.

Channel 9′s Tina Terry was at the rally and said many of the airline workers were from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

They gathered outside Tillis’ office with the message to step out of the way and allow the Cares Act to be extended. The act was passed by Congress during the start of the pandemic and created the payroll support program, which protected American airlines from having to lay off employees through Sept. 30.

Without an extension, American Airlines CEO said the company will be forced to lay off 19,000 people by October, which will have a big impact on Charlotte workers.

>>We reached out to Tillis’ office asking about his support for the Cares Act and will we have more from him and the airline employees, in the video at the top of this webpage.

Statement from Tillis’ spokesperson:

“Senator Tillis supports an extension of the Payroll Support Program to prevent furloughs and cuts to flights. Senator Tillis’ top priority is protecting the physical and economic health of North Carolinians, which is why he’s worked across the aisle to deliver billions in assistance for our state, solutions to save jobs, and funding for the development of a safe vaccine. There is still more work to do, which is why Senator Tillis is pushing for bipartisan compromise on another relief package to help families and workers.

“Unfortunately, Democratic leaders in Washington have put partisan politics ahead of the American people, demanding a take it or leave it approach on their left-wing proposal that contains spending on things that have nothing to do with this pandemic, including benefits for illegal immigrants and huge tax giveaways to millionaires in New York and California while North Carolinians get nothing. Senator Tillis is calling on Washington to stop the political games and come together on a bipartisan basis to deliver additional relief for North Carolinians.”