• Alcohol ads could be seen at Lynx stations soon

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - You could see ads at LYNX stations soon.

    CATS is asking Charlotte City Council to rezone the platforms so it can allow advertising.

    But some council members may fight it because they don't want to see alcohol ads on those platforms.

    Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon said, "It's the idea that you are potentially influencing young people who are not of age who should not be drinking."

    If CATS gets to sell advertising on platforms, it can't legally discriminate against certain businesses, even like liquor companies, because of free speech issues.

    Many riders agree, especially if it keeps their fares down.

    Don Merchant said, "It is important for people like myself to be able to get to where we need to as quickly and as cheaply as possible."

    Mike Warsaw said, "It doesn't rub me the wrong way. It's advertising. And advertising can happen anywhere. You need it to be where people see it and I don't have a problem with it."

    Still, transit officials know at least four council members still don't like it.

    So they promise to work with liquor companies to keep doing what they've been doing, advertise on buses and light rail trains only, not the platforms.


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