Bond reduction denied for Allisha Watts murder suspect

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, N.C. — A judge denied bond Monday for a Charlotte man accused of killing his girlfriend.

Last week, the autopsy for Allisha Watts was released, indicating that the cause of her death is still “undetermined.” Now that the autopsy doesn’t directly indicate her death as a murder, Dunmore’s attorney wanted his $1 million bond changed from “secured” to “unsecured.”

Channel 9′s Erika Jackson is in Montgomery County to cover his court appearance. She says the judge denied Dunmore’s request to reduce or change his bond.

The judge said he denied the request because he read the autopsy reports and believed the “undetermined” finding was because of the condition of the remains.

Watts’ body was found in a forest in Candor, a town in Montgomery County. When she was found, her body had decomposed into mostly skeletal remains. Her remains also appeared to have been disturbed by animals and insects.

Authorities said her remains weighed just 38 pounds and she no longer had any recognizable organs.

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Her family spoke with Channel 9 before the hearing, telling us they hoped the autopsy report wouldn’t change his bond.

“I’m pretty sure and I’m praying to God that they use other evidence to hold him in jail, besides an autopsy report, like her car, his clothes,” her cousin told Channel 9.

If his bond was changed to unsecured, Dunmore wouldn’t have to pay anything to get out of jail. He still can post the $1 million bond but remains behind bars until he does so.

“It’s not over yet,” said Martin McCall, a friend. “We have to make sure he gets convicted, and make sure he stays in jail.”

Watts’ loved ones call the ruling a victory.

“I’ll tell you what, if it was one of us, she’d be the one standing right here,” said Arthur Mason Sr., a friend.

Watts’ loved ones believe prosecutors have more evidence that will work in their favor.

Dunmore’s next court date is scheduled for April 15.

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