‘An inspiration to all’: Charlotte woman celebrates century of life

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte woman is celebrating a century of life and this year, she’s just glad to attend her own birthday party.

Betty Knox turned 100 years old, and her family had a drive-by birthday party for her on Saturday. There was live music, cake and balloons.

“I really enjoyed today. I dreamed about it,” Knox said. “It’s been marvelous. It’s been great. I’d like to be 100 every day for a while anyway.”

It was a much better celebration this year. Channel 9 was with her family for Knox’s 99th birthday last March, when all they could do was wave to her from the parking lot of her assisted living center.

“Looking at the year we had last year, it makes you feel blessed,” he son said. “Last year, she was behind glass and a window and two story building.”

At 100, Knox has lived through a lot of trying times, World War II, the Cold War, and now a pandemic. Even through a year of isolation, her family said she stayed positive.

“An inspiration to all of us. She’s very resilient to have gone through what she’s gone through this past year and always a smile on her face,” said her daughter, Meredith Divers.

Know said the secret to a long life is to enjoy every day.

“Enjoy every day and take care of yourself,” Knox said. “I hope all of you make it there too.”