Baby girl recovering from serious burns after she fell into her family’s fire pit

STATESVILLE, N.C. — A baby girl from Statesville is recovering after getting second degree burns in the backyard of her home.

Family members say 8-month-old Thea Lyon accidentally fell into a fire pit while she was in her walker Wednesday night. Thea’s hands and the side of her body were burned in the incident.

Her father was just feet away when it happened and tried to pull her away from danger.

Firefighters said they got a call about the baby being seriously hurt and she was rushed to Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem.

Joshua Lyon showed Channel 9 the fire pit and the walker his daughter was in when he says she accidentally fell into a fire pit in their backyard. Lyon says he was just feet away and he ran over to pull her from the hot ashes. He said they had made a fire the night before.

“We were hanging out. The kids were playing,” he said. “I was about to unload wood and stack wood up once I got all the kids settled in, and it just happened.”

Charlene Lyon shared photos of her daughter with Channel 9. Family members also posted pictures of her injuries on a GoFundMe but they are too graphic to show.

>> WARNING: GRAPHIC | To donate to the family’s GoFundMe, click here.

Lyon says she was at work at the time and her husband was watching their three children, who are all under the age of five.

“All I wanted to do was hold her but I couldn’t with all the burns all over her,” Charlene Lyon said.

The family is thanking the community for its support. With Memorial Day weekend only a week away, they hope by sharing what happened, they can prevent another child from being hurt.

“Please just put out your fire. It don’t matter if the coals are still sitting in there,” Charlene Lyon said. “They’re still really hot and still can really hurt.”

“Accidents can happen. But if you can prevent it, prevent it anyway,” Joshua Lyon said.

Police told Channel 9 that the investigation is being handled by firefighters in Statesville.

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