Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Carolinas encourages volunteering on Giving Tuesday

CHARLOTTE — If you still have money to spare after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, non-profits are hoping you will donate it on Giving Tuesday.

Channel 9 reporter Deneige Broom spoke with two men who said their lives have been impacted by Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Carolinas.

They said they hope to expand the organization’s reach.

Michael Quinto told Broom that it has been almost seven years since he walked into Truth Jacob’s life.

“He’s definitely shown me the importance of staying out of trouble. And just focusing on what I want to do,” Jacob said.

Quinto explained that he had just moved to Charlotte and felt the desire to give back, so he signed up to be a mentor through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Carolinas.

“To see the successes he’s had coming through—you know, dealing with high school and through the pandemic—has been great to see him get to this accomplishment,” Quinto said.

Jacob said he was in the 6th grade when his mom reached out to the organization searching for a mentor who could help guide her son. He said he had no clue what to expect.

“As soon as I got comfortable, I showed him my socially extroverted side. And he’s just made me feel like such a socially confident person. And he’s really made me just like, know what I want,” Jacob explained.

This duo is just one of hundreds throughout our area, driven by volunteers and donations.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Carolinas said they have a near-perfect high school graduation rate for their littles, and many pairings last well into adulthood.

Jacob started college this fall, and he said he knows that without the extra support, things could have ended differently for him.

“I wouldn’t have been at the level I am. Because without a mentor, or somebody who can kind of just help you, like, get out of this darkness. You’re not really yourself,” Jacob said. “I want to do psychology; I want to do something that makes me happy. I can support my family like he does his and just be well-rounded in the community as well.”

The non-profit said it has an extensive process when pairing bigs with littles, and they need more adults willing to help guide kids one-on-one.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters does a great job of supporting us with resources. You know how to have these conversations and activities to do ways to get together, and then your commitment throughout a month is something that’s definitely manageable,” Quinto said.

For those who want to help but do not have time to volunteer, you can donate monetarily here.

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