Blessing box in Cabarrus County helps people get things they need

CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. — So many people have already stepped up and made sure people get the things they need, including one group in Cabarrus County.

Cheryl Kluge, the founder of Cabarrus County Blessing Box, has been stocking blessing boxes since before the Pandemic.

They are shelves where people can find things like canned food or supplies like toilet paper.

Kluge said that while she has seen a large increase in people needing supplies, there has also been a similar increase in people donating items as well.

“This is a resource for them until they can get to the other pantries or collect unemployment, whatever other assistance it out there,” said Fluge.

Kluge said currently, she has five boxes at several well lit areas across the county but said she is working on setting up two more soon.