300-pound armed man wearing kilt removed from roof in Salisbury

SALISBURY, N.C. — Police in Salisbury had to use a bucket truck to get a 300-pound man dressed in a kilt and tactical gear off a rooftop after witnesses said he threatened to shoot people.

Officers said a citizen called police after 2 a.m. claiming that a man was at Nashville Nights, a popular bar on Innes Street threatening to shoot anyone who talked to him.

Witnesses said he got into a political argument and started growling at customers.

Police responded and eventually found the man on the rooftop of a business further down on East Innes Street, dressed in black and wearing a kilt.

Police said the man, 43-year-old Brian Allen, had an SOG tactical hatchet tucked in the small of his back, numerous knives, ammunition and a pistol concealed under a shoulder holster.

Allen told officers he had a concealed carry permit for the gun.

Police said Allen, who weighs 300 pounds, was wearing a kilt, hunting boots and a tactical vest, and that he had several tactical-style bags with flashlights and Kevlar rope.

Detectives said Allen was cooperative but intoxicated.

Because of his weight, authorities had to use a bucket truck from the fire department to get Allen down from the roof of the building.

He was issued a citation for carrying a weapon after consuming alcohol. He was not arrested because he cooperated with authorities.

Nobody was hurt.

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